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Save With Pellets


bioenergybarbero.es_shutterstock_125786885marcaWe guarantee savings on your electricity bill by 40 % over the current spending with oil boiler . 

A liter of diesel costs about  1 €, 2 kilos of pellet 0.50 €, the calorific value is the same at half price. 

The pellet creates jobs and environmental benefits. 

It is not subject to price changes generated by logistics. 

Facilities Biomass vs. Fossil Fuels, considering that the petroleum fuels are subject to significant economic fluctuations due to international political crises, and their prices affect energy bill users alarmingly imposed.
On the contrary about the BIOMASS, maintains stable prices and annual increases are indexed to CPI so its price is very competitive with fuels such as oil or natural gas. 

Its stability makes it an attractive system for the community of neighbors and users who want to have complete control of your heating expenditure. 

The generation of the pellet is national, not have to import it generates proportionally more jobs than any other renewable energy. 

Help keep our forests, contributing to fostering these are clean and it does not generate fire.